love. lust. wordplay.

Poetry and music are very good friends. Like mommies and daddies and strawberries and cream – they go together. ~Nikki Giovanni


She is unconditional love, who
Reached down and picked you up
Placed you in her lap
And rocked you back and forth
When you cried
Her gentle breath on your face is always warm and
Her arms are always inviting
She is divine comfort, who
Nursed you from her own breasts
Gave up pounds of her own flesh
Carried this load, so heavy
Even with you attached at her chest
Her womb has carried the past, present and future
A future for which she has sacrificed her own blood and breath
Mapped out your path with her thoughts and prayers
Washed you clean in her own tears and sweat
Laid her body over yours when hopelessness was descending
Protecting, touching your heart, guarding your strength
She has given you refuge, her body a temple
From dangers that await
Divine are
Her eyes, a light that you may never be lost in darkness
Her lips, a mighty fire in your defense
Her compassion, a kind-hearted shield
Her wisdom, proof of God’s mercy
She is part of His divine promise
She has a divine purpose
In her soul is enough power for great feats
But still, took down her own crown
And placed it at your feet
Because your triumph is her triumph
Is the triumph of your sons and daughters
Is the triumph of generations
Is triumph for a ten thousand years

Praise her.


.listen up. Raury


i found you amid all my wishes
your gentleness, your calm
blurring the years caught in between
catching my own breath
and thirsting for you

a love of laughter we share, so thick
it hides the evidence
of space and time between
our old perceptions and
our new consciousness

a deeper understanding grows
causing that wooziness, that lingering
we call ‘the connecting’
between all that we are
and all we could be

just like the Sun and the Moon
are light years apart
we are apart
years of your light
but by some chance meeting
among the multitude of stars

i am falling
toward all of uncertainty
but i am aware, awakened
wrapped in the afternoon sky
between your morning and night
where your touch is the high
and your energy is the force
deciding the fate of all my wants

if you choose
to love me, consciously
i would be
unsteady, yet sure
beautifully, always
undoubtedly, yours


.currently feeling.


.random thoughts.

Forever is forever
Even if tomorrow is never
Come hell or high water
I’ll be here through whatever

(from 1-5 til infinity time, even in disguise behind enemy lines…)

I got you.


.listen up. Vince Staples



i’d take you, love
like a vacation
sip on you
the sun
like a cool one with salt on the rim
i’d bite you like
mouth wide opened
i’m down to devour
tasting something I’ve never tasted
while i’m somewhere I’ve never been
because, here
i’m too complacent
when I long for that good kind of anxious
a different, new
a heightened gratification

i’d take you, love
like a trip
around the world and back again
to take your words, intimate conversations
rolling from the lips
to tip of tongue
and save them somehow
to have a little of you now
and pocket the rest of you for later
Damn, I kinda hope tomorrow never comes
Just rest with me in the calm
Together, we’ll never go home


.currently feeling.


.the sun, moon and stars – an excerpt.

Ade unlocked a large, 8 ft. tall, 5 ft. wide, heavy steel door and inside – an artist’s utopia. He grabbed my waist from behind and whispered – “Make yourself at home,” as I walked out in front of him.

Before I could turn around, he’d disappeared down a long hallway. I looked around. There were easels and with works in progress everywhere, an abundance of art supplies and fresh flowers scattered about. I ran my fingertips along the stainless steel tabletops in the center of the room – my hands covered in a rainbow of chalk dust.

The room was so large that it made my thick frame seem small and insignificant. Everything was quiet.

Larger than life drawings and paintings lined the brick exposed walls: portraits of old men and women, children and youth, birds and elephants, flowers and bodies of water…

There were so many beautiful faces. So many large, shapely, brown-skinned women that looked just like me. There were so many hues – blues, purples, yellows, reds and greens. So many beautiful colors. So much it was overwhelming.

I thought he must envision so many lovely things even when he sleeps. Maybe colors begin to dance around in the darkness as soon as his eyes close.

In between were windows that seemed to reach the length of the sky, large enough to see the entire city. The small twinkling city lights and the stars just seemed to all run together – I was suddenly moved.

Then, a familiar smell. I followed the scent to a small kitchen at the end of the long hallway. Across the hall, serenity waited in another room. No TV, no books, no drawings, nothing – only a few candles lit, a table with two tea cups, the smell of jasmine and ginger, the twinkling light of the city and a large, lonely bed in the center of the room covered with stark white sheets. It was the only blank canvas in the loft.

I felt Ade smile sweetly behind me, his breath calling me by my name.

We painted the sheets with sweat.


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